On the days before the holiday, the streets and houses turn into a fairy tale, everything around shines and shimmers. Our florists will help you to feel the New Year's mood at a master class on creating a New Year's composition from live needles. Come with the whole family and get a great mood and the opportunity to decorate your home with something special. We will provide all the materials and you can take your creation with you.

27.12.2020 |Lesi Ukrainky st. 28 or Proriznaya st, 23a


Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 1300 UAH

The number of places is limited, only 5.

You can sign up:

⭐️ write to us in messages on the FloRoom page

⭐️ by phone number 099 556 63 13

⭐️ come to visit us on Lesi Ukrainky st, 28 or Proriznaya st, 23a

⭐️ fill out the form below and our admin will contact you

We give you an additional 15% discount on the birthday of your loved ones. It is valid one week before and one week after the birthday. The discount is not valid for the period: September 1, February 14, March 8. Write the dates of birth of 3 close people and their names: